Superman Wall Sign

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Superman Wood Logo Cutout

Perfect for Superman fans and for children's play rooms or bedrooms. Some may even use this as a Superman night light!

This wall cutout is precision machined with a CNC router out of 1/2" wood. It is then painted with blue edges and a red face. This unit has optional red, blue or white LED lights. 

When equipped with the battery powered LED lighting, we install 3/4" blocking on the rear of the cutout to allow for the battery pack clearance. On the blocking, there are metal "sawtooth" hangers for mounting to the wall. Two drywall screws with anchors will be enough to hold it.

The light switch is accessible without having to remove the sign from the wall.

This sign measures approximately 24" wide x 18" high.

We can make a larger version up to 96" wide x 40" high (over 30" is pickup only), please contact us for more info.

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