Custom Sign Designs

At Addicted Furnishings, we manufacture our backlit LED signs in house. This allows us to customize our signs in almost every way. 

Our design process starts with a picture or logo sent from our customer in either Adobe Illustrator or vector format. We then begin to create and code the tool paths used to instruct our CNC Router where to cut. We'll generate a preview and finally cut out the product and apply some paint. Once the painting process is complete to our liking, we install the battery powered LED light kits and ship the final product to you via USPS 1,2 or 3 day priority shipping.


Some of the custom signs that we've created in the past include: 

  • Sports Team Logos (Fundraising and/or gift opportunities for schools, and sports clubs)
  • Business Logos
  • Words & Phrases: "Mike's Boat Shop"
  • Children and Baby Names
  • Shapes, Symbols and Other Designs
  • Wedding Guestbooks

If you'd like more information regarding our custom signs, send us an email to We would love to hear the ideas you have :)